Citron: a legendary fruit

CIDRALIS is a French company created in 2015 in Barrettali by a producer of Corsican citron fruit and owner of the Les Cédrats du Cap Corse gardens and by a pharmacist and Doctor of Science.

The citron is a legendary fruit that was used as an antidote in ancient times. This ancestor of citrus fruits, from the Citrus medica citron tree, was introduced to the Mediterranean basin by Alexander the Great.

Until the Middle Ages, it was the only representative of the Citrus genus in the Mediterranean basin.

The Corsican variety of citron was a source of great wealth for Cap Corse in the 19th century, thanks to its use in making sweets.

This variety is of unknown origin, but it is different to the others. It is particularly distinguished by the colour of its flowers, the scent of its fruit, and its soft pulp with no acidity.

The citron fruit is sensitive to cold and heat, and Corsica represents the northern boundary of its development area. The uniqueness of the Corsican citron is thus probably due to a natural mutation related to its location. The citron fruit ultimately fell into oblivion because it is difficult to grow and because it has multiple seeds and a thick white pith (albedo), which nonetheless contains very high concentrations of antioxidant and anti-free-radical substances.

In 2008, out of love for the natural heritage and motivated solely by a desire to revive a highly emblematic product, Xavier Calizi decided to replant citron fruits in Cap Corse and redevelop the Corsican variety.

All CIDRALIS extracts are obtained only from fruits grown in these gardens.

CIDRALIS cosmetics products are made in France by a network of independent experts.

Finely crushed citron powder

Citrus medica corsican


The fruits are cold-dried beforehand and crushed finely to facilitate the extraction of the active components.

Total polyphenols: between 5 and 10% of dry matter.
A unique composition of free, natural, soluble, bioavailable phenolic acids.

Natural polysaccharides, activating membrane lectins: 10% of dry matter.

It combats free radicals responsible for tissue ageing.

It inhibits a pro-inflammatory protein (LOX).

No allergens.

No pesticides.

CIDRALIS Moisturising Face Cream
An emulsion including Corsican Citron extract no. 24

This emulsion also contains:

✓ A protective polymer with restructuring properties that stimulates epidermal renewal.

Omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids, which protect cell membranes.

Organic shea butter, known for its healing and softening properties.

Plant-based phytosqualane, a natural emollient.

✓ An organic anti-ageing myrtle-olive oleo-active.

Cidralis Graph

Instrumental measurement of the moisturising effect of Cidralis cream after a single application in 11 volunteers aged 26 to 70.

A clinical study conducted under dermatological supervision demonstrated the efficacy of CIDRALIS Moisturising Cream as an AFTER-SUN product (normal, dry or combination skin, n=21): 

  Sensations of tightness are reduced: 100%

  Skin is soothed: 100%

✓  Skin is nourished: 95%

  The product is quickly absorbed: 95%

  The product prevents desquamation: 100%

In Corsica,

we grow

our own

unique, legendary

variety of citron.

We have used its extract

to create exclusive cosmetic products.

In Corsica, we grow our own unique, legendary variety of citron. We have used its extract to create exclusive cosmetic products.

CIDRALIS Sérum Unique
More than 10% Barrettali citron extract

An extract that inhibited a pro-inflammatory protein in an in vitro study 

It also contains:

Fucogel®, a soothing sensory agent that stimulates epidermal renewal.
a chicory root extract with an immediate smoothing effect.
It visibly and rapidly eliminates signs of fatigue.
CIDRALIS Sérum Unique
To improve facial firmness and smooth the skin

It plumps up, smooths and firms the skin.

The results of a clinical study conducted under dermatological supervision showed immediate effects.


Cidralis Sérum Unique: Results of an efficacy study by clinical scoring under dermatological supervision, n=20

After 28 days of applying Cidralis Sérum Unique: 

+16% for skin firmness,

+22% for smooth skin.

CIDRALIS Eau de Parfum
A fresh, flowery and woody journey to Cap Corse.

A secret composition, containing no allergens or colouring agents, made with citrons from Cap Corse and created by Marie Duchène, a perfumer in Mougins.

With this new fragrance, Marie provides us with her interpretation of the Cidralis adventure.

An unparalleled sensation of well-being.

This shower gel has a fluid, elegant texture.

It does not contain any colouring agents.

It features our moisturising Corsican citron extract containing protecting and de-polluting polyphenols.

It produces a delicate foam when applied.


Cidralis is a French brand and company created in 2015 in Barrettali by a producer of Corsican citron fruit and owner of the “Les Cédrats du Cap Corse” orchards and by a pharmacist and Doctor of Science.





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