Cidralis Eau de Parfum



Fresh, floral, woody scent.

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Cidralis Eau de Parfum.
“Natural Spray”

A flight into the heart of a summer evening. The last rays of the sun are reflected on the sea and give way to a most spectacular sky. In this panoramic setting that invites you to escape, nestled between sea and mountains, the Cedrats from Xavier Calizi’s garden accompany the solar touches of the landscape. It is with this authentic and warm Land & Sea vision that the Cidralis fragrance finds its roots in the heart of Cap Corse, in Barrettali.

Our Formulator:

Our perfumer, Marie Duchêne, located in Mougins, has formulated an allergen-free and dye-free fragrance for Cidralis. MD Fragrances respects the environment and strives to minimize its ecological impact, it is for these reasons that we have chosen them.

“Formulating in 100% natural strengthens my creative approach. I take particular care that my natural compositions adorn a dimension that is both authentic and hedonistic. »Marie Duchêne, perfumer creator, president of MD Fragrances.

A trip to Cap Corse … fresh, floral and woody

The perfume has been used in the Moisturizing Face & Body Care

Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 48 × 110 mm
Quantité du flacon

50 ml

Masse totale

205 g

Our Olfactory Universe

Citrus notes: a Citron that finds its origins in the famous centuries-old terraced gardens of Xavier Calizi. This fruit with sparkling and energizing notes will transport you to our gardens with sunny scents. Bergamot accompanied by notes of leaves will bring you freshness and freedom, the promise of an unforgettable summer.

Floral notes: Citrus blossom, white jasmine and rhubarb combine to create a floral, light and aromatic note.

Woody notes: based on white musk and wood powder, elegantly and relentlessly signing a fragrance combining softness and vitality.


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